We are experts in the field of solid waste & recycling. We are consultants, managers and brokers and we use this powerful combination of experience and skill to ensure that our customers are receiving the very best service available and latest technology at the lowest cost possible. In order to best serve our customers we utilize a three step procedure.

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3 easy Steps
Step 1

We begin our process by providing our customers with a complete waste audit at all of their service locations. Waste audits will reveal inadequate or incorrect service levels, excessive cost and billing errors.

Step 2

According to each evaluation, MagicWaste will design a custom tailored solution that may include changing waste haulers, use of new technology, adjusting service levels and increased recycling.

Step 3

MagicWaste Management can now match your custom solution with the best waste hauler available for each service location, and implement changes in equipment and/or service levels, while ensuring you the best possible price. service levels and increased recycling.

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Doville hotel
President Supermarket
  • Taco bell
  • Pepper Burrito
  • sea coastal suites
  • Valencia Doral
  • Quantum on the bay
  • Woods Management
  • 4 points realty
  • Regatta real estate

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